• Hawaii

    My name is RobertLavin . If you are interested in learning more about water ski opportunities in Hawaii click the “Send Enquiry” link on the left side of the page and send me a message.

  • Middle Tennessee

    If you are interested in trying out towed water sports and don’t want to invest a lot of money and time into figuring out if its right for you, message me. My family and I are very interested in increasing the towed watersport community in Middle Tennessee. There is no charge for an introduction. We provide the boat, Mastercraft Prostar, the equipment, basic instruction and our time on public rivers and lakes. Limited ski times due to my travel schedules. Will travel to the public lakes in the Nashville area when convenient . We can introduce you to Waterskiing, Slalom, Wakeboarding and Wake-skating. I have all the equipment for these activities. Week days are best, but could make a weekend work. This is free to you, a passion for my family, and we are eager to share. I will want to speak to you on the phone before we make arrangements so we can go over what you need to bring with you (towels, sunscreen), what I may be able to provide for your use (ex. small medium or large life-vest), what not to bring (large coolers, alcohol or glass), location and time. Before we get out on the water there will be a “ground school” session at the dock. Topics we will discuss before we hit the water will be. Boat Safety Watersports safety Skiers hand signals Drivers duties (what you can expect from me) Skiers duties (what I can expect from you…ex signaling) How to care for watersports equipment. Contact me with any questions through this site, hope to hear from you soon. David Marcel

  • Heritage Sporting Club at Milton Reservoir

    Heritage Sporting Club is a outdoor sporting club that has all recreational rights to Milton Reservoir, a 4 square mile property with a 2.5 square mile lake just 35 miles North of Denver. Milton Reservoir is the largest private reservoir within an hour of Denver. During the summer, Heritage operates a private water sports club. Limited to 105 family memberships, each member gets their own campsite to leave their boat and RV for the season. It’s a very friendly group of families that love the wakesurf, wakeboard, waterski, camp and enjoy the outdoors. During the winter, Heritage operates two hunting clubs; a waterfowl club that operates on the lake and an upload bird club which operates on the surrounding land. The waterfowl club is limited to 45 members and the upland club is limited to 100 members.

  • Portage lakes

    Public lake. Limited ski times. Also travel to surrounding lakes in the Akron Ohio area. Can teach beginners waterskiing, slalom skiing, barefooting, and trick skiing. have extra equipment for use. week days are best, but could make a weekend work.